Friday Night

Another hot Friday night. You can feel the youthful energy – the music is loud late into the night, voices of roudy revelers fill the small concrete plaza which my room faces. Those who know me best will be able to answer this question correctly:

Q. What am I doing tonight? (Choose the best possible answer).
1. scouring the clubs for the hottest girl, and trying to get her to spend the night in my 8′x7′ “bachelor pad”
2. programming something on the computer
3. relaxing the night away with some new friends over some beers
4. hitting the streets to find some crack


And the correct answer, the most likely answer, is choice 2. It seems the activity I enjoy most is developing my relationship with Silver (my Powerbook). It also is a frustration alleviation mechanism, so if I get really worked up, that’s all I want to do.

3 Responses to “Friday Night”

  1. Aileen Says:

    I picked 3! Have you lost your Baltimore porch-sitting, cigar-smoking, philosophizing self???

  2. pcronin Says:

    Yeah, choice 3 would be the close second, or on a different Friday night, it could be the winner indeed. I’ll make a note to improve my test creation skills before the next one!

  3. Karl Lindgren-Streicher Says:

    i got it right. guess you haven’t drifted too far from your nam interests, kuume.

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