Where’d he go?

I’m back in the States for a not-so-whirlwind trip of visiting the family and friends. I’ve been here since the 11th of July when I surprised my parents and attended the wedding of two really good friends.

My site was down for a week or two because I was upgrading the hardware it runs on, and then I went out to visit my sister in CA before I finished the upgrade process.

Nearby? Let’s get together! 1-518-256-0420

4 Responses to “Where’d he go?”

  1. Matt Cotter Says:

    Welcome home Pat, you should stop by when you have a few minutes.

    Matt @ WBP

  2. Aileen Says:

    Happy to see that you are back! I have a lot of catch up reading to do on your site. We would love to see you. The weekend of the 19th works great except for a Halloween Party we are taking Honora to on Saturday. Bring your costume!

  3. Jim Boykin Says:

    We could really use you here. If you have any time please stop by…even if it’s just to say “Hi”.
    We all miss you.

  4. Chris Papa Says:

    Hello Worldtraveler…read your travelogue months ago…wanted to commend you in cyberspace on being a passionate man in an age
    obsessed with commercialism and capitalistic goals…your work has crossed many continents and you have brought great pride to those fortunate to know you…Keep the straight and narrow and you will
    find happiness and contentment in this life…au best…Namaste…chris

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