Holy crap! I’m writing this post on my computer which is connected to the internet via a bluetooth connection to my mobile phone, which is using GPRS to transmit data over the cellphone network to the internet. You can do this in the States of course, but here in Ghana, not everyone has a DSL or cable connection to the internet… This connection will work anywhere my phone will, and the speed is about that of a 28.8 Kbps modem (remember those days?). The price? About ₡5 (≈ US$0.0005) per kilobyte. What does that mean? I can check my email using between 10 kilobytes (no mail) – 500 kilobytes (lots of mail, no photos attached), which costs between US$0.005 and US$0.27. Suck on that, T-Mobile!

3 Responses to “GPRS?!”

  1. Jim Boykin Says:

    Thanks for the updates, and great to see you blogging!
    Also, happy birthday tomorrow!

  2. Chuck Price Says:

    Hey Pat – awsome blog! Thanks for the update. Be well, be safe & happy birthday. Hope everything works out with the ipod.

  3. Rick in China Says:

    Looking forward to reading more about your zany adventures!
    Take care of yourself man.

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