Second Home

When you think of traveling through Africa, and trying to communicate with your family, what comes to mind? Maybe some dingy internet café – a hole-in-the-wall that has 5 computers smooshed together, all sharing a single modem line, with everybody except you downloading MP3s?

I thought I was being slightly ridiculous by taking my laptop all over Africa with me, but I found my second home here in Accra, called Busy Internet. This place is absolutely amazing, from an American standpoint. They’ve got around 120 terminals split between two rooms, a large space for their 4 X-Boxes, and even a room where you can bring in your laptop, sit at a desk, and plug directly into their internet connection. And regarding their internet connection, they’ve got redundant connections to lessen the down time, a fiber-optic cable to London, and another to the national phone company. Holy crap!

Needless to say, if I need to get anything computer-wise done, I can do it there.

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  1. Bernie Says:

    Hey Pat, this page is awesome, I hope that you had a great birthday! Nice to have a fellow 27-year old around, haha! That “Busy Internet” place is really cool, and super nice, a lot nicer than some computer labs in Philly schools, that’s for sure! Keep having fun and enjoying your time, it must be amazing. Miss you lots and love you 🙂

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