Impressed with HP tech support

Recently at work we had a printer network card fail. It had happened in the past a couple of times, and we just assumed that since the network cards were two years old or so that we should just buy some new ones.

I decided to go online to check out which cards are recommended by people who’ve had similar experiences. What I found instead was that this particular model of printer network card had a serious design flaw, and instead of screwing their customers and saying “buy a new one,” HP decided to extend the product warranty for 5 years, whether it was purchased from them or not, and they are replacing my card with a newer card which doesn’t have the same problem. This resolution was achieved with an 8 minute phone call.

I just wanted to take a blog post to give three cheers to HP for fully supporting a lemon product, even though I purchased it more than 4 years ago!

If you’ve got an HP JetDirect 615n printer network card, and it failed, you should do this:
0. Note your new warranty information is good until the end of October 2008 (
1. Call 1-800-HP-INVENT
2. Navigate the prompts to tech support > JetDirect.
3. Tell them about the problem.

If you’ve got the same problem I had, they’ll send you a new card, with next-day shipping! If not, good luck! Here’s a link to HP’s site describing the bad cards:

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