Job Hunting

I finally had a meeting today with Raimo Dengeinge, head of the Planning and Statistics division of the Ministry of Basic Education, Sport, and Culture. I introduced myself and my proposal of additional statistics to collect and how they could be related to school and learner performance, thereby indicating which factors are important and which factors aren’t.

I handed him a copy of the proposal, he looked it over briefly, and said that several questions I posed had been provisioned to be answered in the educational census for this year, but his team would look it over and add anything they found useful. Feeling like the meeting was about to come to an end, I handed him a copy of my resume, told him my story, that I wanted to stay in Namibia for a couple more years, and if there were any projects he thought needed work, he could give me a call. As I was about to stand up, he told me about a post he’s been trying to fill for three years now – it’s for a computer scientist with a teaching background. He said that several teachers had applied for it, but not one could properly execute an SQL “SELECT” statement. How about that – a computer scientist with a teaching background. Hard to find in Namibia for sure. Have I found the perfect-fitting job? He scolded me for not being around last year when they contracted out a job to a private company, which made me smile.

We’ll see how it goes. Can’t get the expectations up, because as I’ve learned the hard way, that’s how you feel really bad when things don’t work out. But I’m pumped anyway!

5 Responses to “Job Hunting”

  1. kelly Says:

    that’s awesome, Pat! I love how things work out for you. I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed on your behalf:)


  2. Mom Says:

    OMG Pat! I’m SO excitied for you!!! Yes!!!



  3. Mom Says:

    PS: You look really handsome!!!

  4. Nico Liebenberg Says:

    Patrick, nice meeting you in Windhoek. Have a look at my personal blog too! Good luck with your travelling. Nico from South Africa.

  5. Deb Says:

    If you were waiting for the universe to tell you it was a good idea to stay in Namibia I think this might be it!

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