Why Travel?

One thing traveling does is that it forces you to learn about yourself.  Oftentimes you find yourself in situations that you’ve never been in, or even have never imagined yourself being in.  Your sense of security, trust relationships, knowing what you really need to survive and be happy, and even your morals become liquid – everything you knew to be true starts to melt, and when understanding finally comes, everything solidifies again – the new you – or at least, the you that understands the real you a little bit better than before.

One Response to “Why Travel?”

  1. Fabes Says:

    Not really in relation to this post, but I saw your parents Saturday night. I was at the Loyola basketball game in Bridgeport and they were across the way with a Go Greyhounds sign. Some of the guys I was with said they bumped into them in the lobby, got into talking and then found out it was your parents. I didn’t get a chance to talk to them because I was in the suite section (some other loyola grad knew someone for tickets) and they wouldn’t let me down and back up. Thought it was a good story.

  2. pcronin Says:

    Hey – that’s crazy! They were talking up the event… I got two emails from Mom about it. They’re always really excited to support the ‘Hounds, and I hear they’re doing well this year?

  3. Mom Says:

    Hi Pat,

    Write about Togo!



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